Repurposed Sweater Blanket

repurposed sweater blanket (1 of 1)

Shopping when pregnant just isn’t as much fun as shopping while not pregnant… Unless, I look for clothes I can cut up to make into something else!  I loved how cozy these sweaters from Loft looked, but I knew I couldn’t pull off the cropped sweater look these days.  Plus, I’d probably sweat to death […]

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Mini Crib Pillow

mini crib pillow (1 of 1)

Des has a new mini crib pillow!  He’s finally old enough to where I feel safe letting him sleep with a pillow in his crib, especially a little one.  We found that it helps him sleep better at night to have something to snuggle up on besides a stuffed animal.  I let him pick out […]

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Quilted Log Cabin Pillow Cover

Log Cabin Fawn Pillow (3 of 1)

I just finished making this custom Quilted Log Cabin Pillow Cover and wanted to share it with you!  The customer wanted a log cabin style pillow and wanted to use Hawthorne Threads’ Fawn Fabric Collection, and I love how beautiful it is! After piecing the top of the pillow, I placed a piece of batting […]

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Toddler Beach Hat


We’re headed to the beach for a family vacation soon, and I can’t wait to relax under a nice tent and hang out at the pool.  Although, I don’t think this first beach trip with an almost two year old will be as relaxing as our pre-toddler beach trips, but it will be fun to […]

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