Mini Crib Pillow

mini crib pillow (1 of 1)

Des has a new mini crib pillow!  He’s finally old enough to where I feel safe letting him sleep with a pillow in his crib, especially a little one.  We found that it helps him sleep better at night to have something to snuggle up on besides a stuffed animal.  I let him pick out […]

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Quilted Log Cabin Pillow Cover

Log Cabin Fawn Pillow (3 of 1)

I just finished making this custom Quilted Log Cabin Pillow Cover and wanted to share it with you!  The customer wanted a log cabin style pillow and wanted to use Hawthorne Threads’ Fawn Fabric Collection, and I love how beautiful it is! After piecing the top of the pillow, I placed a piece of batting […]

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Toddler Beach Hat


We’re headed to the beach for a family vacation soon, and I can’t wait to relax under a nice tent and hang out at the pool.  Although, I don’t think this first beach trip with an almost two year old will be as relaxing as our pre-toddler beach trips, but it will be fun to […]

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Monogrammed Apron Tutorial

Two girls standing side by side wearing aprons.

Sewing for the sweet little cuties I know is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s always fun to think of little gifts to sew up for them when their birthdays come around each year.  Usually, their siblings get a handmade gift too, since I can’t just make pretties for one of them! These […]

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A modern quilt inspired by a tile floor

modern reconstruction quilt (5 of 1)

Have you heard about the #ihavethisthingwithfloors instagram feed?  It’s filled with beautiful pictures of beautiful floors.  The funny thing is I keep seeing pretty floors that I want to turn into quilts!  So, I did!  I saved this tile floor picture from Natasha Lawyer’s instagram and used it as inspiration for this simple, modern quilt. […]

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