New Telafante Shop is Now Open!


I’m excited to announce that the new Telafante shop is now open! My etsy shop will be on pause for now, so check out the new and improved Telafante shop.  There are a few new swaddle blankets, cuddly fleece/knit blankets, nursery decor items and several zipper pouches. We’ve also added a Telafante Newsletter, so make […]

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Chambray Bloomers


I combined two of my favorites today while sewing: chambray and bloomers!  Bloomers have become one of the best things for me to sew for babies and toddlers, because they take about an hour to make cut to finish, and they look so cute with just a onesie or under a dress/long shirt. Of course, […]

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Sewing Easy Felt Garlands


Felt garlands are some of my favorite things to make!  They’re perfect for pretty much any occasion, and you can reuse them over and over!  Sewing felt garlands are much easier than you would think!  All you have to do is pick out some pretty felt, cut out your patterns and sew them together!  I […]

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